About Us

"Why? Because I am made of stardust, I do epic, cosmic shit. That's why." ~ Anonymous

heYou (hey you!) was formed in 2019 by Dawn Thibodeau

Dawn is an entrepreneur that decided to cast fear aside and do all the things she always wanted to do! Working a 9-5 that didn't inspire her, challenge her or provide space for creativity, was like drenching a fire with water. Work too many hours for things you don't have time to enjoy, only to retire and not have the health to fully enjoy life was not her idea of the "American Dream". She quit her job, sold her house, and spent over a year traveling, growing and building her new businesses. Insert the arrival of heYou!

Image of Dawn and her son, captured by Chelsea Stockton (@thehikingmermaid) on the Big Island of Hawai'i where Dawn lives!